Campaign Insights

Campaign Insights

Make smarter campaign decisions with real-time insights.

Campaign Insights
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Get the most accurate insights to
power your campaign strategy.
Inaccurate predictions can kill campaigns. Stop wasting millions on unreliable polls and make smarter, more informed decisions with the most innovative polling technology available.
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The fastest, most accurate polling

Campaign Insights polling technology combines science and innovation to deliver faster, less expensive and more accurate polling results than established pollsters. Our ability to generate insights in real-time has the potential to actively impact political races by giving candidates the meaningful data they need to make smarter campaign decisions and more effective media executions.

How it works


Our polls are embedded within content people are reading online, across millions of websites. The scale of our distribution helps deliver a random sampling of respondents.


Respondents come across our polls online and can voluntarily and anonymously participate. This creates a user experience that is less intrusive than traditional polling methods - which result in responses that more accurately reflect true voting intentions.


We generate insights in real-time, enabling your campaign to immediately make informed, data-driven decisions.

We’ve built the success model for Political campaigns, by leveraging data to inform your overall strategy and activation.
Realtime Polling

Market Feedback

Leverage Campaign Insights polling to understand what is important to voters.

Data Intelligence

Actionable Data

Utilize data results from realtime research to develop creative assets that align with constituents priorities.

Campaign Activation

Targeted Media

Access Campaign Insights audience network to reduce costs, while maximizing efficiencies and scale.

Activate with
Campaign Insights
to understand your constituents in real-time and maximize your campaigns performance.

Campaign Insights will help you achieve your campaign goals and make every dollar work for you:

Combining media buying and polling maximizes results.
Case study

Campaign Insights executed media and polling for several political campaigns which drove higher click through rates and had 3X more engagement than normal media activations

Marketing campaign insights

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Campaign Insights